V e n tricle s
S ections
S pinal cord
Pathw ays
venous sinuses
Bulbus superior
venae jugularis
Sinus sigmoideus
V. ophthalmica superior
Sinus sphenoparietalis
Sinus cavernosus
V. meningea media
Plexus venosus
foraminis ovalis
Sinus marginalis
Confluens sinuum
Sinus sagittalis superior
Sinus transversus
Sinus occipitalis
Sinus rectus
Plexus basilaris
Sinus petrosus
Sinus petrosus
Sinus intercavernosi
Fig. 466
Dural venous sinuses, Sinus durae matris;
corrosion cast.
The sinuses contain no valves and feature rigid walls.
* Vein of LABBÉ to the superficial m iddle cerebral veins
Dural venous sinuses, Sinus durae matris
The dural venous sinuses are rigid venous channels
without valves draining the venous blood from the brain via
so-called bridging veins.
The main drainage from within the skull occurs via the
sigmoid sinuses into the internal jugular veins. Additionally,
the superior ophthalmic veins and the highly variable emiss-
ary veins form a series of smaller, likewise valveless, venous
connections between the intra- and extracranial regions.
The two cavernous sinuses assume a central position by
being situated in the middle cranial fossa to the right
and the left of the sella turcica. They communicate with
each other through the intercavernous sinuses and either
directly or indirectly with most other sinuses and with the
veins of the orbit and the infratemporal fossa.
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