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Blood vessels
C ra n ia l base
C ra n ia l nerves
M eninges
P arts of the brain
Durai venous sinuses
Sinus petrosus inferior
Sinus sagittalis superior
Sinus sagittalis inferior
Vv. superiores cerebri
V. magna cerebri
Sinus transversus
Sinus sigmoideus
Sinus rectus
Confluens sinuum
Sinus occipitalis
Sinus marginalis
Foramen magnum
Sinus petrosus superior
Sinus sphenoparietalis
A carotis interna
N opticus [II]
Sinus cavernosus
Sinus intercavernosi
Plexus basilaris
Fig. 465
Cranial dura mater, Dura mater cranialis,
and dural venous sinuses, Sinus durae matris;
after partial removal of the tentorium cerebelli.
Cranial dura mater, Dura mater cranialis
The cranial dura mater lines the cranial cavity completely
and tightly adheres to the skull bone. The cerebral falx
protrudes in the sagittal plane in a sickle-like shape and
stretches from the crista gaHi to the ridge of the tentorium
cerebelli, which, in turn, overstretches the posterior cranial
fossa and is attached along the transverse sinus and the
pyramidal edge. The margins of the tentorial notch envelop
the midbrain and taper off into the anterior and posterior
clinoid process. The cerebral falx and the tentorium
cerebelli divide the cranial cavity into three spaces that are
incompletely separated from one another, containing
the two cerebral hemispheres and the cerebellum.
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