Upper limb
Forearm and hand, transverse sections
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S keleton
M uscles
M paimaris longus, Tendo #
M flexor digitorum superficialis, Tendines*
• M flexor digitorum superficialis’
N medianus
A ; N ulnaris
M flexor carpi radial is, Tendo’
• M. flexor carpi ulnaris
• M flexor digitorum profundus’
N ulnaris, R dorsalis
M. extensor pollicis brevis, Tendo*
M extensor carpi ulnaris, Tendo’
• M extensor indicis’
M extensor digitorum’
V. basilica •
Fascia antebrachii
• M. pronator quadratus
Articulatio radioulnaris distalis,
Recessus sacciformis
Fascia antebrachii
Articulatio radioulnaris distalis
Retinaculum musculorum extensorum
V, cephalica; N. radialis, R superficialis •
M brachioradialis, Tendo
Mm extensores carpi radiales I
longus et brevis, Tendines*
Fascia antebrachii
Tela subcutanea
M extensor pollicis longus, Tendo* »
N medianus, R paimaris
M flexor pollicis longus, Tendo* •
A radialis
N muscuiocutaneus,
N cutaneus antebrachii lateralis
M abductor pollicis longus, Tendines* •
Fig. 454
Forearm, Antebrachium;
transverse section at the level of the distal radio-ulnar joint.
At this level, the muscle tendons marked with * run within
tendon sheaths, Vaginae tendinum.
M. paimaris longus, Tendo
N medianus
# M. extensor carpi ulnaris, Tendo
A radialis •
Mm extensores carpi radiales, Tendines O
• M extensor digitorum, Tendo
• M extensor indicis, Tendo
M extensor pollicis longus, Tendo #
Os trapezoideum
Os capitatum
Retinaculum musculorum flexorum
M, flexor carpi radialis, Tendo •
Os trapezium
M abductor pollicis longus, Tendo •
M extensor pollicis brevis, Tendo o
V. cephalica •
• Mm flexores digitorun
Os triquetrum
Os hamatum
Fig. 455
Wrist, Carpus;
transverse section at the level of the hook of the hamate
bone, Hamulus ossis hamati.
* Carpal tunnel
** uln a r canal (loge de GUYON)
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