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Deep muscles of the back
Mm. interspinales cervicis
M. semispinalis capitis
M rectus capitis posterior minor
M rectus capitis posterior major
Atlas, Tuberculum posterius
Atlas, Proc transversus
M obliquus capitis inferior
M semispinalis capitis
Mm multifidi
M semispinalis cervicis
M obliquus capitis superior
M splenius capitis
M longissimus capitis
M digastricus, Venter posterior
Mm intertransversarii posteriores cervicis
M spinalis capitis
Mm intercostales externi, Fascia
Mm multifidi
Ligg intertransversaria
Ligg. interspinalia; Lig. supraspinale
Mm rotatores thoracis breves
Mm. intertransversarii thoracis
Mm. intercostales externi
Mm. rotatores thoracis longi
— Lig, costotransversarium superius
Lig intertransversarium
Spina iliaca posterior superior
Lig. sacrotuberaie
Mm levatores costarum breves
M. semispinalis thoracis
Mm levatores costarum breves
Mm. levatores costarum longi
Mm intertransversarii thoracis
Costa XII
Fascia thoracolumbalis
M obliquus internus abdominis
Mm. intertransversarii laterales
Fascia transversalis
M obliquus externus abdominis
Membrana intercostal is interna
Mm intercostales interni
Mm intercostales externi
M quadratus lumborum, Fascia
Mm. intertransversarii mediales lumborum
M. transversus abdominis
Mm interspinales lumborum
Ligg. intertransversaria
Lig, iliolumbale
Fig. 801
Muscles of the back, Mm. dorsi,
and suboccipital muscles, Mm. suboccipitales.
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