► Lower limb
Vessels and nerves of the gluteal region
N. gluteus superior
N gluteus inferior
• M gluteus médius
• M. obturatorius internus
• M. gemellus inferior
• M obturatorius extern us
• M quadratus femoris
Rr. profundi (A circumflexa femoris medialis) •
Trigonum lumbale
R cutaneus lateralis (N iliohypogastricus)
• M obliquus externus abdominis
Crista iliaca
• M. gluteus medius
• M. gluteus minimus
• M gluteus maximus
M piriformis
• M gemellus superior
Trochanter minor
• M adductor magnus
Rr profundi • •
(A ; V. glutea superior)
A ; V. giutea inferior • •
M. gluteus maximus
N. cutaneus femoris posterior
N. ischiadicus
A ; V. pudenda interna • •
Lig sacrotuberale
Fig. 1401
Vessels and nerves of the gluteal region, Regio glutealis;
after dissection and partial removal of the gluteus maximus and medius muscles;
the sciatic nerve has been removed after its passage through the infrapiriform foramen.
Fig. 1402
Ventrogluteal injection (according to v HOCHSTETTER).
In order to avoid the superior gluteal nerve and, in particular,
the superior gluteal artery the injection is made into the
triangular field formed by the two spread fingers and the iliac
crest. The index finger - or when using the right hand, the
middle finger - is placed on the anterior superior iliac spine
and the palm of the hand on the greater trochanter. Since the
injected material should be deposited within the belly of the
gluteus medius muscle as far away as possible from any vessel,
the needle should not cross the lines of the triangle. However,
some risk remains for the nerve branch that runs from the
superior gluteal nerve to the tensor fasciae latae muscle.
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